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The Fight For Water Film

Set during the California Water Crisis of 2009, The Fight for Water film highlights the human impact a federal ruling had on a migrant farming community when their water supply was shut off, and the march they staged in order to fight for their water. Check out the film's trailer here!
CA Average Water Usage

California's Average Water Use

Don't believe the hype! See for yourself what percentage of water has been used for environment, agriculture and urban usage in California.
Ken Calvert 2015 EPA Budget

Why Every Landowner Should Be Fearful of the EPA's New Proposal

U.S. Congressman Ken Calvert's gave an amazing response to the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) 2015 proposal today, calling it "The greatest expansion on federal control over land and water resources in the 42 year history of the Clean Water Act. ... and should make every landowner fearful that the EPA will be knocking on the door with an enforcement action.”
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Water Rally Video in Firebaugh, CA

A video on the rally that brought together farmers, farm workers and community leaders from throughout the central and southern San Joaquin Valley to work cooperatively in making more water available for farmers who are in danger of having to fallow land or lose permanent plantings in this exceptional drought.
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A Ray of Hope in Fish vs. Farms Dispute

Researchers from UC Davis flooded rice paddies on a 1,700-acre farm and converted the fields into wetland fish habitat, much like the vast marshlands that once covered the state's inland valleys during the winter. The amazing results? More fish survived than normally do and they are bigger than ever!
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Food Prices Expected to Soar Due to Drought

Food prices are expected to soar later this year. Jacobsen added, "There are some projections right now there's expectations could be across the board 10 to 15%."