fresno bee article 09-29-2016

State Protects Predatory Striped Bass That Devour Salmon & Smelt

Discover the truth on why trout and salmon are disappearing, but stripers are everywhere in California.

Bay-Delta Plan Would Shrink Agriculture in Merced, Says New Report

A state board’s proposal to help fish populations by increasing water flows down the Merced River would hurt the local ag industry, according to a new report done for the Merced Irrigation District.

Open Letter to President Barack Obama & Governor Jerry Brown: Wasted Water, Wasted Opportunity

Our friend and local water activist, Tom Nassif, President & CEO of Western Growers, penned an open letter to President Obama and Governor Jerry Brown.
Monarch Butterfly

Drought Hurting Animals, Plants

Humans aren’t the only creatures affected by the prolonged drought we’re enduring in California. Many of our floral and faunal friends rely on rain, rivers, streams and snow for survival. Their routines have already been altered by the lack of rain. And more change is sure to come with little precipitation on the horizon.
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Decades-Old Policies Won’t Bring Fish Back From Near Extinction

As environmental special interests request that the state water resources control board expand failed policies on delta smelt, Californians are calling on the board to implement new science-based, commonsense approaches to protect the species.