Gotas, The Invisible California Central Valley Communities

A Personal Discovery Shot, Narrated & Produced By 16 Year Old Alejandro


Alejandro, 16 year old, came up from Los Angeles to see for himself the effect of the drought on the Central Valley. He shot footage, scripted it in English and Spanish, and added his voice so he could tell the plight of the Latinos being impacted by the 4 year old drought.  Below is the video. Please share with others.  Thank you.

Video Transcript Spoken in Alejandro’s Words

The problem of the drought does not manifest itself in the large cities as it does in the Central Valley. In these agricultural cities, the lack of water to irrigate causes the worst effects of the catastrophic drought. The population has not put enough attention to the disastrous consequences that are present in the Central Valley. Those who live in the coastal cities believe that the simple act of conserving water will solve this problem. I thought so as well.

But the reality is much more complex and was an unexpected surprise. I had not realized the multitude of negative consequences that the drought has brought. The magnitude of the dryness in the country and in the cities was completely unexpected. It had never occurred to me the number of jobs that depend on agriculture and water. The number of the unemployed, destitute, and homeless exposes the true importance of water in this region that feeds the whole country.

Even though the drought has revealed an impressive solidarity in the population, the population’s needs have not have been listened to by the state or by the country. And the worst, in the eyes of these communities, the government keeps wasting an incalculable amount of water in a vain effort to protect an endangered fish species. Consequently, the responsibility to survive rests with the communities of the valley. But they are crippled by unemployment and the drop in revenue, caused by the drought, and cannot resolve this problem without help. This has generated an unimaginable unemployment and homeless level.

The conditions of the homeless are appalling. They resemble the conditions of undeveloped countries, and not that of the most powerful country in the world. These conditions are horrific- some don’t even have access to drinkable water or to bathrooms. Those who grow the food for the entire country are forced to ask for free food donations. Even though the majority of these people are very hardworking, they cannot find jobs due to the drought and government incompetence.

It is crucial to educate the population of California to show the importance of the sustainable management of the water in order to protect the entire Californian population without prejudice in regards to one’s origin, economic situation, or geographical location.

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