Imagine a disaster movie in which 22 million people are told that they have only 12 to 18 months of water left… Unless Southern Californians pull together, we will be making that movie.

It is time for Southern Californians to wake up and smell the dusty, dry air that has turned the rest of the Golden State brown. We are in big trouble too; we just can’t see it through the overwatered foliage.

drought maps 2014

Jay Famiglietti of The Los Angeles Times writes…

“We have only enough water in storage to get through the next 12 to 18 months, and that’s it.”

“There are three important steps that our region can take to have an immediate effect on sustaining our water supply beyond just 12 to 18 months.”

  1. The first is awareness of our water supply situation.
  2. Second, it is time, right now, for mandatory water restrictions, with enforcement and fines for violations. If we must be forced to immediately cut back on water use, then so be it.
  3. Third, we must press for better management of the state’s groundwater supply. As the major source of irrigation water in California, and the critical reserve for all during drought, groundwater accounts for roughly 65% of the statewide water supply.

“This is a real emergency that requires a real emergency response. If Southern California does not step up and conserve its water, and if the drought continues on its epic course, there is nothing more that our water managers can do for us. Water availability in Southern California would be drastically reduced. With those reductions, we should expect skyrocketing water, food and energy prices, as well as the demise of agriculture.”

To read this article in full please visit The Los Angeles Times original article by Jay Famiglietti “How much water does California have left?” 

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