Central Valley Legislators React to President Obama’s Visit

Obama featured in the Fresno Bee

On February 14, 2014, after President Obama visited California’s Central Valley, California Congressmen David G. Valadao, Devin Nunes, and Kevin McCarthy issued the following statements:

Congressman Valadao’s Statement:

“As farmers, farm workers and communities in the San Joaquin Valley suffer, this Administration has chosen handouts and a climate change lecture over real solutions. We feed the world and all we ask for is a reliable, clean water supply.

I will remind the President that my constituents are part of the environment too, and the lack of a long-term solution could spell economic and social destruction for the Central Valley.”

Congressman Nunes’ Statement:

“The state has an incredible irrigation system designed to supply water through five years of drought. But as a result of excessive regulations and lawsuits by environmental extremists, we cannot fully use this system, and billions of gallons of water have been flushed into the ocean that could have supplied drought-stricken farmers and communities.

President Obama could have taken the lead in solving this crisis, but he is apparently more concerned with placating his radical environmentalist allies.”

Congressman McCarthy’s Statement:

“Unfortunately, nothing the President proposed today changes the underlying issue that our communities are not receiving the water they have contracted and paid for; thus exacerbating the impacts of the current and future droughts. House Republicans on the other hand are continuing to work to find a bipartisan, bicameral solution to ensure our communities are not crippled by future droughts.

We look forward to coming together with the Senate to find areas of common ground and common sense to finally achieve a solution that allows desperately needed water to flow in our state.”

To read these statements in their complete form, please visit Congressman Valadao’s website.

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