What Can I Do To Help?

Whether you’d like to help spread the word or participate in the solution; we’ve got you covered.
Together We Can Fix California’s Man-Made Drought


The Ocean Doesn’t Need More Water, We Do.

Stop Sending California Water Out to Sea!

Help Us Spread the Word

This is an issue everyone needs to know about so they can take action… Please Tweet, Facebook, “Like” & “Share” the facts with others as much as possible.

Conserve Water & Tell Others To Conserve

The more water we waste in cities and for recreation, the worse it gets. There are so many ways you can help every day!

Keep Buying California Grown Foods & Support Local Farmers

California grows over 400 commodities. 14 of which are grown primarily only in California

Create Info Graphics We Can Share

Use information & facts from our website to create shareable info graphics for your favorite social networking site & we will post them for everyone to use.

Have News & Facts You Want Us To Share?

Send us the links to articles and items that will help Keep California Farming.

Join Our Team in Keeping California Farming!

Check out the many ways you can volunteer to help…