Join Us & Become a Volunteer!!!

Donating your time and energy is one of the best things you can do for yourself and the community at large. Not to mention that, giving of service to others is the backbone of the farming community. When you become a volunteer with Keep California Farming you help strengthen our message across the world. You don’t have to want to shout it from the treetops, but if you do, we got a place for you. Check out the many ways to volunteer below.

Behind the Scenes Teams

We are seeking an array of services from creative professionals in the following areas:

  • Graphic Designers – We are looking to create several graphics with fun farming facts that can easily be shared on websites and social media sites.
  • Social Media Specialists – Help us get our message out with targeted social media campaigns and reap the rewards of spreading the good word!
  • Public Relations –  From local events to full-blown entertainment industry soirees, we are always seeking the right representation for the right endeavors.
  • Writers & Bloggers – Armed with the power of the pen and ammo of the internet, we welcome all wordsmith’s who are ready and willing to report! Submit newsworthy articles, links to like minded websites, story ideas and more!

Campaign Teams

Help us get the word out and assist in delivering Keep California Farming information and  resources to the public via:

  • Environmental Conventions
  • Targeted Charity Events
  • Specified Local Events

Volunteer to Help Keep California Farming

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